My Top 10 Favorite Apps on my Phone

Friday, 2 December 2016

I have more than 30 apps on my phone but today I will be sharing you my top 10 favorite apps except for social media apps. ;)

1. VSCO.  This might be the "everyone's favorite" photo app. Sure, I will  agree with this as this is my go-to app to make my photos more instagrammble. With it's elegant design as well as fancy filters, what's not to love? What I love about this app is that you can upload your photos to your online portfolio, share and discover other arts from other artists/photographers.

Download: Playstore | App Store

2. PhotoEditor. This is my other go-to photo app next to VSCO cam. This editor has some features that's not available in VSCO like color correction, color levels, cloning, frames, drawing and inserting texts, shape and images. You also have the option to create your photo/art from scratch!  You see my header? I created that using this editor.

Download: Playstore

3. Phonto. I discovered this app through Helga and I've been using this to create my blog headers ever since. What I really like about this app is you really can customize your photo by installing your own fonts!

Download: Playstore | App Store

4. Clue. Do you have any clue what app is this? Lol. This one is a period tracker app and I really find it helpful since I have an irregular periods. One thing that I like about this app is that, it's not pink or the logo of it is not anything related to menstruation and such. One who'll see this on your phone will be totally clueless!

Download: Playstore | App Store

5. Blog It. This is my essential app for blogging. My computer died few months ago and I am blogging through my phone only. Since Blogger app is not available here in  Google Playstore PH (I just don't know why), I discovered this app as an alternative. The UI is just simple but the features that you will be needing to create a blog post are all here!

Download: Playstore

6. Blogaway. Another Blogger app alternative! I am using  this app for inserting pictures on my posts only, hehe. I can insert photos through Blog It!  but the quality shrinks once you insert them using that app. Also, the size is sooo small once you view them on Web version. Soooo, I discovered this app and found that it has this feature of setting the size of your photos to Medium, Large, Xtra Large and Original, just like in Blogger.

Download: Playstore

6. Spotify. Our music companion. What I love about this app is that it will let you access and discover millions of songs compared to the default music player of our phone. Also it will allow you to create your own playlist and then share it to to others.

Download: Playstore | App Store

7. Canon Connect. The easiest and fastest way to access and transfer your photos from your Canon camera to your phone without using any computer. You can also shoot remotely with your phone! How cool is that?

Download: Playstore | App Store

8. iFont. If your phone has the ability to change the font just like mine (Asus Zenfone Selfie), this is the best font app! It's like a library of fonts, all you need is search, download and install! Check your display/font setting and apply the font that you have downloaded.

Download: Playstore

9. ShareIt. This app is very useful for me. If you're a type of person who likes to share apps, photos, documents or even music then you need to have this on your phone. I downloaded an album last week (100+ MB) and then tried transferring it to my other smartphone. Guess what, it only took like a couple of minutes like less than 5 mins I guess! That's how fast it is. What is bluetooth nowadays? Lol.

Download: Playstore | App Store

10. BPI Mobile Banking App. If you're always like "Bes, may sweldo na ba?", you better have a mobile banking app on your phone. What I like about this is that you can access your account without data charges.With this app you can check your balance, transfer funds and even reload your prepaid numbers (Globe and TM only)!

Download:  Playstore | App Store

There you have it! What are your top 10 fave apps?


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The Sunday Currently // 04

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Is it Sunday already? I wish there's one or two more days between Saturday and Sunday. :( Oh well, here's my 4th installment of TSC.

F E E L I N G full! We just had our dinner at Mang Inasal. Nope, I didn't order the unli-rice, no no; I just had palabok and halo-halo while Yosh had 4 freakin' rice. What a tummy!

D O I N G my nails. I can't think of what color should I use for this week.

to Terror Jr. I just found them on my Youtube feed and tried listening to "Come First" and it's actually good. I also like the "3 Strikes" a.k.a the soundtrack of Kylie Jenner's Gloss commercial.

L I S T I N G down my grocery list. We went to Vista Mall awhile ago but I forgot that I need to buy some stuff. Meh.

T H I N K I N G of a good gift that I can give to my friends/relative and a reward for myself this Christmas. One more week and it's already December, yayy. Time flies soooo fast!

C R A V I N G for pizzzzaaaaa!!! I just saw a pizza post on Facebook and I srsly, even if I am full right know I can eat two or more slices. Pizza puhleaaase!  :(

F I X I N G my clothes and my other things while waiting for my toenails to dry. Feeling masipag lang? Lol

There you have it! How's your Sunday?


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Ever Bilena Advance Eyebrow Kit: Review

Saturday, 26 November 2016
Ever Bilena Advance Eyebrow Kit Review

I got a new eyebrow powder/palette from Ever Bilena, yayy!  This is the first eyebrow palette that I will be using aside from IN2IT which I considered as HG for my brows.

So here's the story; I went to Watson to buy some stuff (blotting paper, tissues, facial wash, etc) and then I came across to the make-up section. My plan is to just windowshop and check for new products but then again I saw this palette from EB stall. Then I realized that I already  finished the lightest shade on the IN2IT palette; I checked the price and kinda amazed that it's only PHP 200.00. Without further thinking, I purchased one; I'm such an impulsive buyer. :(


Unboxing the Eyebrow kit from Ever Bilena

Front design of the kit

Back of the eyebrow kit


Three brow powder and a wax

The tweezer and the angled brush


Swatches of the eyebrow powders
(L-R) Brown, Grayish/Black and Dark Brown

• Packaging. It's compact and sturdy.
• Affordable. For only PHP 200.00, you will be getting three brow powders, one wax and additional tools (a tweezer and a brush).
• I like the angled brush that comes in the package, it's thin and perfect to line your brows and to fill it in.
• Big mirror; perfect for retouching!

• No other shades available; I wish they have more lighter shades.
• Not waterproof. A big boo boo for me as the color transfers once I oil up. :(

WILL I RE-PURCHASE? No, I just think that this product doesn't suite for my super oily skin/eyebrows. But I will keep this palette 'cause I can still use it, especially the brush and tweezer.

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes, this is a great product for those who don't have an oily skin/eyebrows and it's really affordable.

Have you already tried this product? Share me your thoughts!


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Friday's 10 Happy Things // 02

Saturday, 12 November 2016
Fridays 10 Happy Things

It's been a while since the last time I did this!  So again, the Founder made this for us to list down 10 things that made us smile this week and for us to start the weekend on a more positive note.

Here are my 10 happy things:

1. New look for The Wonderless. I am still giggling whenever I am seeing the new look of my online diary.  I am so thankful to Kate, the creator of the theme, for answering all of my questions to customize my page. ♥

2. I finally used my BPI my E-Prepaid card! I used it to purchase my theme on Etsy and the transaction went soooo smoothly. I haven't added my E-Prepaid card on my BPI Online account yet but I found out that you can also reload your card through BPI ATM Machines. Hassle-free!

3. The Echo Maker. Oh, I am finally hooked to this book. I've been reading this for the past few weeks and I can tell that the story is very unique and I should say intriguing. Oops!

The Echo Maker by Richard Powers

4. Eyeglasses no more. Something happened last Monday and made my left eye swollen. Idk what happened but the nurses at our Clinic told me that it might be conjunctivitis and I was like "No fcking way!." I am 100% sure that it's not because I am not feeling any itch; for some reasons it's just swollen, watery and I am feeling a little discomfort whenever I am blinking. I've been wearing contact for the longest time and if my eye is  JUST irritated then this is the first time that it made my eye swollen. Weird, I know. But it was finally over; my left eye is now okay and I can now wear my lens again.

5. Hello Marshmallow! I finally updated my phone (Asus Zenfone Selfie) to Android 6.0. This update removes some application that I don't really use like Dr Safety, Omlet Chat, Puffin Browser, etc. The only disadvantage is the option to move an app to Micro SD. But it's fine, I don't really mind saving my apps on the internal memory.

Marshmallow update for Asus Zenfone Selfie

6. The Vampire Diaries Season 8. I've been watching the episodes through Youtube 'cause the reception in our house is acting up again. #TeamBonenzo

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 03

7. Vlogs. I've tried watching vlogs for the past few days and so far, I am enjoying it. Some of my fave vloggers as of the moment are  Say Tioco, Anne Clutz, Anna Cay and Simply Rhaze.

8. Mothership album by Dance Gavin Dance. I used to hate Tilian Pearson because I think his voice doesn't suit to DGD's genre. But  I completely fell in love with his voice after listening to their previous album, Acceptance Speech and Instant Gratification.  His voice really compliments John's unclean vocals; I just love their combination.

9. Free chocolate, pen and 1-hr OT. Rewards for attending Cascade a.k.a Team Meeting. It was supposed to be an hour meeting only but it lasted for 1 and a half hours! #1by18

Cadbury chocolates and pen as reward for attending Cascade

10. My leaves got approved! That means I have 4-days off; time for short vacay. Yass!

How was your week guys?

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Weekends Eat: Clash of Burgers Pasig Branch

Sunday, 6 November 2016
Clash of Burgers Pasig

Me and my boyfriend are a huge fan of burger; we're always on the hunt for the juiciest and tastiest burger in town and for us, Burger is life! Lol. My boyfriend, Yosh once showed me a Facebook page of a Burger joint who serves large burger (read: an 8 inch burger) in Pasig. I got curious because the  prices of their burgers are so affordable and they also have Set menus.

Yosh and I decided to go visit them after my appointment to my dentist. The place is not that hard to find; it's the long queue and waiting time that will make you irritated a little (if you're really really hungry, hehe). We reached their area past 5:00 PM, the room was packed and there's 3 or 4 groups that's waiting outside. We immediately approached the one who's in charged for the "Waiting Area" for them to list my name. My tummy is already screaming for burger when they called my name and asked us to finally go inside and make our order. That's almost an hour of waiting!

Inferno Tower of Clash of Burgers

We decided to try their Set Menu, Inferno Tower which costs PHP 479.00. The waiting for our food is not as long as we waited outside, maybe around 10 to 15 mins or so? Funny thing, the lady who took my order didn't ask me if we want Elixir Lemonade or Rage Red Tea; they served us this orange juice from what I see which turns to be the Elixir Lemonade!

Inferno Tower is 8 inch burger (large buns, patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, I think it has onions too and BBQ sauce), 6 pcs of Dragon Wings, Golden fries OR Nachos and Elixir Lemonade OR Rage Red Tea pitcher. Too bad their nachos was not available at that time so we have no choice but to get their Gold Fries instead.

Burger patty  TLO and BBQ sauce

The burger was actually good and the patty is thick enough and flavorful. The only thing that I didn't like is BBQ sauce; I don't really like BBQ sauce for burgers, I'd prefer Cheese sauce instead. Yosh managed to finished 3 slices of burger. I was able to eat just two because of the sauce; it made my head hurt a little. I just don't know why.

COB Gold Fries and Dragon Wings

What we enjoyed is their Golden Fries which is Chili fries. Crunchy and tasty; WIIIIN! Yosh liked the wings too but for me it was like okay lang.  If you're gonna check the Dragon Wings on their menu below, you'll see you have the option for BBQ or buffalo. But lady who took my order didn't ask and they served us buttered flavoured wings! The wings that we had didn't taste like BBQ or Buffalo. I. Just. Cant.

As for Elixir Lemonade, again, I was like okay lang. Had I known that the drinks in their Set menu are so-so, I would've ordered their Milkshakes instead. I find them cute inside the mason jar with some sweets on its side. Take note, their milkshakes cost PHP 79.00 only!

Aside from their Set menu, Clash of Burgers (COB) also serves normal-size burgers at very affordable price. They also have pasta, peka tenders and ribs. Below are their complete Menu.

Full Menu of COB

COB Pasig is located at 21 Dr Pilapil, Kapasigan Pasig City. Their second floor is now open and they can now accomodate more customers! You might also want to check their FB page HERE.


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EO Flexwear Colors in Cinnamon Review

Wednesday, 2 November 2016
Header of  EO Flexwear Colors in Cinnamon Review

I got a new lens from EO again, yay! The one I've got is from their Flexwear Colors brand named Cinnamon which is a two-toned lens. I still love my Natural Brown, you can check my review here, but the main purpose of purchasing this one is to have a lens with smaller diameter.

I learned that my friend, Niel has bought a new lens from EO as well. He got Cinnamon and I was amazed how it blends well on his eyes. As per the color, it's not really noticeable but you can only tell that he is wearing a lens because of the roundness of his iris and slight enlargement effect. I got envious and plan to get one after the pay day and here it is!!

When I went to EO at Market! Market, I already have this feeling that I will not be able to get this at the same day just like what happened before but I got excited when the lady assisting me told me that my grade which is -4.00 was available, yay! This one costs 450.00 PHP which is much cheaper than Henna Brown and Natural Brown but the thing is this one is only good for 3 months BUT it's okay and I am fine with that.

Package of the Cinnamon Lens

Alright sooo, the packaging of this lens is the usual blister pack and they gave me a lens case which didn't happen when I got my Natural Brown and Henna Brown. The color is much lighter than my Natural Brown and has this dark rim to give you enough enlargement effect. I am just not sure of the diameter of this lens as I forgot to ask to the lady at store and it's not available on their website as well.

Below is the description of this brand on their website.

Flexwear Colors contact lenses let you change your eye color with lenses that also offer you comfort and the best value possible in a soft cosmetic lens. You want people to notice you and not just the color of your eyes. Because of this Flexwear Colors uses a tinting process to produce more natural, and realistic color changes.
Choose a variety of 2 tone and 3 tone lens variants– Charcoal (Gray), Coffee (Brown), Amethyst (Violet), Cinnamon (Brown), Peppermint (Green) and Ultramarine (Blue)
Lens Type: Three (3) Months disposable soft contact lenses
Package Details: Two (2) colored lenses immersed in buffered 0.9% saline solution
Material and % of content: 45% polymer (Methafilcon A)
Water % of content : 38%

Here's the lens in flesh.
The lens in flesh
It looks yellow to me, not brown. Lol

Cinnamon lens in closer look
Closer look

Cinnamon lens in left eye
Lens on my left eye
Cinnamon lens in both eyes
Lens on both eyes

Cinnamon lens with flash
With flash


For almost 10 hours that I used this lens, no itchiness and blurriness happened, please take note also that I have not use any lubricating solution or eyedrop the whole time. My eyes seem to be okay and didn't turn red after I remove it before going to sleep.

Will I recommend this lens? Yes. The diameter is just right and will give you enough enlargement that's good for everyday use. The color is not that "yellowish" once you wear it .


Availability: ★★★★★

Enlargement Effect: ★★★☆☆

Natural Effect: ★★★★☆

Blending Effect: ★★★★☆

Comfort Level: ★★★★★

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Aftershift @ Uncle Cheffy

Sunday, 30 October 2016
Uncle Cheffy

When it's Friday and it's payday, my mind usually shouts for carbs and caffeine. Who doesn't want to treat him/herself after all the work, all day and all week? So during the last hour of our shift last Friday, 141026  (oops, this is actually a late post), we decided to go out and eat somewhere 'cause I don't want to go home yet.

After searching restaurants that's open 24 hrs on Zomato, we decided to go to Uncle Cheffy which is located near our office, at McKinley Venice Piazza. So it was me, Niel, PK, Diona and Apple but since PK got a 59er call that lasted for almost an hour, Apple decided not no join anymore since her lunch break is over. Supposedly, we'll be in Piazza by around 1 or 1:30 but PK delayed it for an hour. Me and Niel were so hungry back then.

Soooo, the wait is over and PK came down finally and apologizing to us. It's fine but we're hungry. We just walked and stopped to get some money first, Lol. After going to the ATM booth, we faced our next problem; where's Uncle Cheffy? Too bad, signal on the area is soooo slow, can't even pull up Google. So we scanned the area and funny that we didn't notice that the place that we are looking for is right in front of us!

The sign on their door says OPEN but we're afraid that they are about to close because the lady inside is already mopping the floor. It's only PK who has the courage to enter and we just followed him, haha! We were given water and their menu; we scan it for a couple of minutes and then gave them our order.

While waiting
Niel and Diona while we are waiting for our foods

Diona whie waiting
I was trying to take a picture of the woods but.. Hello Diona!

Uncle Cheffy glass
Cute! This one is actually a display but I love it and I'd like to take it home. Lol.

We decided to order their All Meat Barbequed Panizza, Memphis BBQ U.S Beef Ribs, Cheffy Cheesecakes and one pitcher of iced tea. Niel would like to have some Margarita but cocktail drinks are no longer available as per the waiter who's assisting us. PK ordered sisig, rice and mango ripe shake.

Uncle Cheffy Panizza Beef Rib Sisig
Me trying to do flatlay. Fail!

Uncle Cheffy Panizza

This All Meat Barbequed Panniza was so good. I love the crunch and the little saltiness of it. It costs PHP 235.00 and it comes with salad thingy, that I like, I almost ate all of it.

Uncle Cheffy Memphis US Beef Ribs

This one costs PHP 250.00 and it's 250 grams of beef ribs. The meat is sooo tender and so flavorful. We love the little potatoes and greens on its side also.

Uncle Cheffy Cheesecake

This cheesecake is sooooo good. One slice is not enough for me, tbh. Oh, this costs PHP 150.00. There's a funny thing behind this cheesecake but I'll share that later.

I wasn't able to take a picture of PK's food 'cause I am too hungry already, haha. But the sisig that he ordered is delicious as well! Perfect partner of rice or beer. Their sisig costs PHP 250.00 if I am not mistaken. Mango ripe shake costs PHP 115.00, their rice is PHP 25.00 and PHP 175.00 for the iced tea pitcher.


So we're here to the funniest moment of that night. Diona is really a funny, you will be laughing and laughing whenever you're with her. So here's the moment.. We are chatting about something while eating our cheesecakes when Diona asked me..

Diona: Monique saan na 'yung dahon? Kinain mo na? (Monique, where's the mint leaves? Did you eat it already?)

Me: Hindi ah! (Nope!) ** It's on the side of my plate.

And then we continue chatting again while savoring the goodness of the cheesecakes when Diona uttered "Lasang damo!" (Tastes like grass!) after a couple of minutes. Niel who is sitting beside her noticed that there's only one mint leaf left on their plate! He asked Diona if she ate it and she said yes! PK and I couldn't stop laughing while hearing her answer! Niel too was trying to explain that mint leaves are not edible, and God, the expression of Diona and our laughter made our night unforgettable! We can't really move on to Diona's act and we're still laughing about it while we are going home.

So yes, that our experience at Uncle Cheffy. Share me your thoughts!

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My BPI E-Prepaid Card | How To Apply

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I've been wanting to have a credit card for the longest time, in fact, it's one of my Birthday Wishlist that I didn't accomplish. The reason why I wasn't able to submit all the forms that's needed is my schedule. My work starts at 3:30 PM, the earliest time that I can get up to bed is 1:00 to 1:30 PM. Transportation may take 1 hr depending on the traffic and I don't think I still have enough time to go to the bank and wait for the long queue.

Good thing, My BPI E-prepaid card came out and will let you enjoy having a credit card without a hassle! No more waiting on the line just to fill out the application form and no more letters or phone calls demanding you to pay for your bills. All you have to do is go online and wait for 5 days!

my E prepaid card
Last week, my friend at the office, April showed me her new E-prepaid card. She said that it only took her 5 days to get her card and it's only 350.00 PHP! I was impressed and then immediately search it on the internet. April told me that she got the application form on Facebook but I was disappointed when I got home and tried checking BPI Prepaid page.

BPI E-Prepaid page BPI E-Prepaid Card link BPI E-Prepaid Card error  

The link that they are providing isn't working! So I tried searching it on the internet instead, found a link and filled out the form and voila. I got my confirmation page! I even confirmed this by emailing them to see if my application was successful. Hehe, I am just making sure that the page that I used was legit and not a scam.

I went to BPI branch that's located at the same building where I work and check if they already have my card. I presented one government ID which is SSS and they searched for it. And it was there! I was thrilled tbh. The representative who assisted me gave me a form and asked to fill out the boxes with my Account number, E-prepaid number, etc. I handed her my 350.00PHP and I'm done. Easy peasy!

my BPI EPrepaid Card


As of this writing, I am not sure If they have already fixed the link on their FB Account but you guys can use this FORM, same form that I used when I applied for my card.

You will be getting the form below. Just select the color of your card and start to fill out the form at the bottom part.

NOTE:  Branch locator button/option  is not working also. But you can check HERE instead to see the nearest BPI branch where you can pick up your card. Just enter the branch name and code manually and hit Submit.

Eprepaid card application form

Sorry if this is not clear. Screen shots are from my phone.
You will be getting a confirmation page like this after submitting the form.

BPI E-Prepaid Card Confirmation Form

And that's it! Wait for 5 days and go to your nominated branch and check your new E-Prepaid card. Just don't forget to bring any government ID and 350.00 PHP.

I haven't tried loading my card yet as it hasn't been added on my BPI online account. I read somewhere that you need to present your application form to BPI first to have your E-Prepaid card added on your account. Like srsly?  But I will update you as soon as I have added mine.


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Careline's Cheek And Lip Tint Review

Friday, 21 October 2016
Careline Cheek and Lip Tint

Aside from Liquid Lipstick, Lip Tint is now the new hype; would you agree? For me, this will be perfect for days when you're not feeling like wearing a make-up or if you want to sport the #NoMakeupLook

Last week, I decided to join the hype and look for affordable lip tint at Watson. First thing that caught my eyes was the Ever Bilena lip tint that comes in a squeeze tube. I actually prefer something that comes with a wand. The girl from Ever Bilena lead me to the Careline bay and show me this Cheek and Lip tint. I was surprised that it only costs 90.00 PHP!

I am just not sure if they have other shade 'cause that one on their counter was only Berry Red. I left it for a few minutes and tried looking for something else 'cause the lady on Careline's bay said that they don't have tester for this one. I found one on Nichido but it costs more like 150.00PHP, can't remember. So I decided to get the Careline and see if this will work for me, it's just 90.00 PHP anyways. So why not?

The tube is somehow cute with 3mL of the product and it comes in a wand to make the application easier. Stock number, Batch Number and Manufacturing date were printed at the bottom of the tube as well.

Berry Red

Berry Red wand




When blended:

Tint Swatch



The formula is too watery for me and not that pigmented. One swipe will not give you enough tint. But for 90.00PHP, who am I to complain? I have not tried using it as cheek tint 'cause I just think that it will not work for my oily skin.

• Affordable
• Comes in a tube with a wand for easier application
• Available in most beauty bar including Watson
• 2-in-1 product

• The formula is too watery for me
• Not pigmented enough
• Limited shades. This is the only shades available on their counter, I am not sure if they have other shades

WILL I RE-PURCHASE? No. See, my lips is dark due to smoking when I am still teenager and I think I need something that is pigmented enough.

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes, especially for those who's budget-consious.

Have you already tried this lip tint? Share me your thoughts!


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10 Struggles Only Women with Oily Skin Understand

Thursday, 6 October 2016
I have already post my essential products for this skin type, you can check it HERE. Now let's talk about how it feels like having a curse to have an oily skin. Ready?

1. Mirror is your BFF. I just think that I couldn't live without mirror. Like srly, I need to check my face from time to time to see if it's already shiny.
Comact mirror
Photo from

2. You can't go outside the house without blotting paper and mattifying powder on your bag/purse.These two are ESSENTIAL. Period!

3. "You need to add moisturizer on your regimen." It actually makes no sense. Think about how much oil I produce in a day, is that not enough?
Oily Skin
GIF from

4. Sweat and oil combined. Please. No.

5. You can't count how many blotting paper you used in a whole day and how many time you've retouched. Like 10 sheets or so? >.<

6. Pores is the your problem. So you search for different ways/DIY to shrink your pores.

Large Pores
Photo from

7. "Why are you not using eye shadow and eyeliner?" Oily face means oily lids.. Double kill!!

8. Faded and shiny eyebrows. ALWAYS.

9. You're always on search for mattifying powder/foundation that has good oil control properties. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK

10. You'll wake up with sooo much oil in your face that you can fry an egg on it.

Oily face
Photo from

Can you relate to my dilemma? Share me your oily skin essentials.

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