Birthday Wishlist 2016

Tuesday, 2 August 2016
birthday wishlist

I am an August baby but as early as now, I would like to have a list that I would like to have on my birthday. A month to save money and a month to motivate myself to work hard. :) With no further adieu, let me show my wishlist. 

G7x Rx100

First on my list is a camera. I've been wanting to have a camera for quite some time now; not only to have a quality photos but I am also interested on how camera/DSLR work. I can't afford having a DSLR so I guess a good point-and-shoot camera would be enough for my cravings. Sony RX100 III and Canon Powershot G7x are my choices 'cause they are compact and pocket-friendly. I told my  mom that I would like to have a camera and she's gonna helping me of getting one. Yay, lucky me! ♥

curling wand
Next up, a curling wand. You guys should know that I have a straight and stiff boring hair. I've been eye-ing for NuMe's curling wand but unfortunately this brand is not available in my country (PH) and can only be purchased abroad or online. :( But I recently found something on Lazada and I am thinking of placing an order one of these days. I just hope this would be a good quality.

Nail Stamping Pad
Next would be a nail stamping kit, 'cause I love nail arts. This would be an addition to my collection. ♥ I found something also on Lazada that's way cheaper than others, I might give this a try as well.

Credit Card
Last one would be, tadaaaa, getting a credit card! I love online shopping and it really hurts when I really want something and the website will only allow Paypal or credit card payments. I am now just waiting for my company to release some documents for me to apply for a card. I am just hoping that I will not regret this decision in the future, LOL.

There you have it, guys. I can't think of anything else at the moment but these are my top 5. I just hope that I get atleast two items from my list, hehe. Cheers!


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