The Sunday Currently // 01

Monday, 29 August 2016
The Sunday Currently

Wow, a new day for me and another year. BUT this is not my birthday post, just so you know. Lol. I woke up around 3pm and automatically setting my mood to #LazyMode. So my Sunday was all about..

W A T C H I N G Byahe ni Drew @ Channel 11. Our TV signal is acting up right now and it seems that this is the only channel that's working.

F E E L I N G indifferent. Idk if it's my hormone since it's already the time of the month or something else. I'm feeling upset as well for nothing.

E A T I N G pancit canton, chilimansi. My go-to food and one of my fave. Hahaha.

C H A T T I N G my friends and planning about our trip to Tagaytay tomorrow. It's a long weekend for us so I am kinda excited.

W A N T I N G to have a hair cut again. I want to cut my hair short, like shoulder lenght. But of course, I am too lazy to get up and go to Salon nearby.

So there you have it guys. How was your Sunday?


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