EO Flexwear Allure in Natural Brown Review

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Let me just provide an overview of what happened to my previous contact lens before I do the review for this one. I’ve been using Clear View Kornea in Black and EO Flexwear Emotions in Henna Brown before and yes I use them alternately cause I want to have this mysterious effect a.k.a “doll eyes” when using the Black one and get a natural look using the brown one.

The Black one (Kornea of Clearview) is not actually  familiar in the market and not searchable in Google as well. I have tried the other color of this series which is Choco and what I love about this color is that  it blends well to my natural eyes plus the doll eyes effect.

For the past week, I’ve been using my Henna Brown much more than the Black one since it looks more natural  and I can use it in work. However, something happened that made me feel disappointed about this brand. I’ve been using it for almost two months but for some unknown reasons, it broke into two pieces when I was about to wear them one afternoon. So me, having no choice, I used the Black one for a whole week while I am in search for the new one.

I tried looking for the Clearview Kornea in Choco but I was shocked that it costs around 900.00 PHP in the mall and it’s  only good for 3 months! The last time I purchased this brand in a mall at Cubao, it only costs less than 500.00 PHP. Of course, I am not going to Cubao to try my luck finding this brand cause I need to go to work around 3:00 PM. I tried the other Optical clinic inside the mall but to no avail.

The last clinic that I visited on Wednesady was EO, I am still disappointed about their lens but I am desperate (LOL). I asked for their Henna Brown but too bad, my grade which is -4.00 for both eyes was not available that time and it will take 5 days to order one. I was like WHAAT! I NEED TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER 5 DAYS? NO FKNG WAY! Then I tried browsing the other brand of their lenses in the corner, most of lens that they have has this striking color/pattern that I don’t like a.k.a unnatural.

I was about to give up when I saw the new brand which is Flexwear Allure. This series has 3 variants, the Natural Brown was the one I selected tho I was hesitant at first because the lady told me that the diameter of this brand is 16mm (which is wrong when I check their website, *sigh.) But just like I said,  I was desperate; I gave in and asked the lady if they have -4.00 available for this brand. Just like the Henna Brown, it was not available and needs to be ordered first. The good thing about this was it will only take 2 days compared to the Henna Brown which was 5 days, yey! Plus, this one is cheaper than Henna Brown which is 690.00 PHP (I guess) while Allure Natural Brown is only 520.00 PHP and it’s good for one year.

It was Friday when I picked up the lens and I was really excited to try them on, so excited that  I forgot to take a picture of the package before I put it on the trash. This one came in a small vials compared to the usual blister pack. I start using this new lens on the same day and it looks like Henna Brown but bigger version! Love it! ♥

Below is the description from EO website.

Flexwear Allure is the newest addition to FLEXWEAR FAMILY collection. It isa colored and decorative contact lenses that will dramatically change and enhance the color of your eyes with superb vision quality.
Flexwear Allure comes with three (3) distinctive features such as Natural (Brown, Grey and Black), Script (Black, Brown and Grey) and Symmetry (Brown, Gray, Auburn and Lavander) design.
Lens Type: Twelve (12) months conventional colored lenses
Package Details: One (1) soft contact lens immersed in buffered saline solution
Material and % of content: 62% poly2-HEMA
Water % of content : 38%
Natural Design Diameter: 14.5
Symmetry and Script Design Diameter: 14.00

Here's the lens in flesh.
EO Flexwear in Natural Brown

Below is the comparison of my eyes with and without lens. You will easily notice which one has lens because of the enlargement effect.  And look how the color blends well with my eyes hence the name itself, Natural brown.

EO Flexwear in Natural Brown

EO Flexwear in Natural Brown

EO Flexwear in Natural Brown
The flash might be too strong but yes, it looks like that. Lol. The "effect" might be different using phone's camera, I guess.

I didn’t experience any itchiness or blurriness in my vision for 8 hrs straight. This lens is comfortable that’s good for everyday use. So far, I’m loving this lens. Yay!


Availability: ★★★☆☆

Enlargement Effect: ★★★★★

Natural Effect: ★★★★☆

Blending Effect: ★★★★☆

Comfort Level: ★★★★★


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