Friday's 10 Happy Things // 01

Friday, 30 September 2016
Fridays 10 Happy Things

So I've been reading the blog of Ms Helga Weber these few days and found her Friday's 10 Happy Things page. As per the founder, it’s a way of starting the weekend in a more positive note! So I'm in, let's go! :P

1. No rice for a week. Yes, that's an achievement! I've been wanting to eliminate rice for the longest time but my mind's telling me not to but this week I have managed not to crave for white rice. Yaas!

2. Sodas no more.

3. Smaller pores = Less oily face. I have an oily skin and I super hate it. I've read this post about this brand and I think it's working. I have now less visible pores and it lessens the oil in my face. Thanks God! FYI, I am only using the soap, I haven't tried the capsules yet. Maybe I'll post my review for this product soon.

4. Water. Water. Water. I've been drinking so much water now.

5. Loosen/broken brace brackets? Nah, this is the first time that I didn't break any of my brackets!

6. Friday means less calls. Peeps working in a BPO company can relate to this. Yes? :D

7. Got my 1500.00 GC incentive for the month of August. C'mon, 1500.00 is 1500.00.

8. Pasta and chips for my lunch! Yum. #MyFaves #Unhealthyisnothealthy

9. Yosh will be coming home na tomorrow! He's been away for a week 'cause he need to visit her Ate in Antipolo. Finally our home will never be empty anymore, chaar.

10. It's Friday Payday! Yaass!!!

There you have it, how was your week?

Wanna join in the fun? Please visit Helga's page and join in the link up.

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  1. I also have an oily skin and I finally found a cleanser (from Korea) that works for my skin type. It's not readily available in the Philippines though so I'm currently looking for an alternative. Do you mind sharing what soap you're using? :)

    P.S. New blog follower/reader here! ^_^

    Always, Arianne

    1. Hi Arianne, thank you for checking my blog! Sorry for the late response tho. I've been using Snow Skin Whitening Soap for almost a month now. And yes, it's working for me. It's available in Watson and Mercury Drugs. ;)

      May I know what's the name of the Cleanser?