10 Struggles Only Women with Oily Skin Understand

Thursday, 6 October 2016
I have already post my essential products for this skin type, you can check it HERE. Now let's talk about how it feels like having a curse to have an oily skin. Ready?

1. Mirror is your BFF. I just think that I couldn't live without mirror. Like srly, I need to check my face from time to time to see if it's already shiny.
Comact mirror
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2. You can't go outside the house without blotting paper and mattifying powder on your bag/purse.These two are ESSENTIAL. Period!

3. "You need to add moisturizer on your regimen." It actually makes no sense. Think about how much oil I produce in a day, is that not enough?
Oily Skin
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4. Sweat and oil combined. Please. No.

5. You can't count how many blotting paper you used in a whole day and how many time you've retouched. Like 10 sheets or so? >.<

6. Pores is the your problem. So you search for different ways/DIY to shrink your pores.

Large Pores
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7. "Why are you not using eye shadow and eyeliner?" Oily face means oily lids.. Double kill!!

8. Faded and shiny eyebrows. ALWAYS.

9. You're always on search for mattifying powder/foundation that has good oil control properties. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK

10. You'll wake up with sooo much oil in your face that you can fry an egg on it.

Oily face
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Can you relate to my dilemma? Share me your oily skin essentials.


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