Careline's Cheek And Lip Tint Review

Friday, 21 October 2016
Careline Cheek and Lip Tint

Aside from Liquid Lipstick, Lip Tint is now the new hype; would you agree? For me, this will be perfect for days when you're not feeling like wearing a make-up or if you want to sport the #NoMakeupLook

Last week, I decided to join the hype and look for affordable lip tint at Watson. First thing that caught my eyes was the Ever Bilena lip tint that comes in a squeeze tube. I actually prefer something that comes with a wand. The girl from Ever Bilena lead me to the Careline bay and show me this Cheek and Lip tint. I was surprised that it only costs 90.00 PHP!

I am just not sure if they have other shade 'cause that one on their counter was only Berry Red. I left it for a few minutes and tried looking for something else 'cause the lady on Careline's bay said that they don't have tester for this one. I found one on Nichido but it costs more like 150.00PHP, can't remember. So I decided to get the Careline and see if this will work for me, it's just 90.00 PHP anyways. So why not?

The tube is somehow cute with 3mL of the product and it comes in a wand to make the application easier. Stock number, Batch Number and Manufacturing date were printed at the bottom of the tube as well.

Berry Red

Berry Red wand




When blended:

Tint Swatch



The formula is too watery for me and not that pigmented. One swipe will not give you enough tint. But for 90.00PHP, who am I to complain? I have not tried using it as cheek tint 'cause I just think that it will not work for my oily skin.

• Affordable
• Comes in a tube with a wand for easier application
• Available in most beauty bar including Watson
• 2-in-1 product

• The formula is too watery for me
• Not pigmented enough
• Limited shades. This is the only shades available on their counter, I am not sure if they have other shades

WILL I RE-PURCHASE? No. See, my lips is dark due to smoking when I am still teenager and I think I need something that is pigmented enough.

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes, especially for those who's budget-consious.

Have you already tried this lip tint? Share me your thoughts!


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