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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I've been wanting to have a credit card for the longest time, in fact, it's one of my Birthday Wishlist that I didn't accomplish. The reason why I wasn't able to submit all the forms that's needed is my schedule. My work starts at 3:30 PM, the earliest time that I can get up to bed is 1:00 to 1:30 PM. Transportation may take 1 hr depending on the traffic and I don't think I still have enough time to go to the bank and wait for the long queue.

Good thing, My BPI E-prepaid card came out and will let you enjoy having a credit card without a hassle! No more waiting on the line just to fill out the application form and no more letters or phone calls demanding you to pay for your bills. All you have to do is go online and wait for 5 days!

my E prepaid card
Last week, my friend at the office, April showed me her new E-prepaid card. She said that it only took her 5 days to get her card and it's only 350.00 PHP! I was impressed and then immediately search it on the internet. April told me that she got the application form on Facebook but I was disappointed when I got home and tried checking BPI Prepaid page.

BPI E-Prepaid page BPI E-Prepaid Card link BPI E-Prepaid Card error  

The link that they are providing isn't working! So I tried searching it on the internet instead, found a link and filled out the form and voila. I got my confirmation page! I even confirmed this by emailing them to see if my application was successful. Hehe, I am just making sure that the page that I used was legit and not a scam.

I went to BPI branch that's located at the same building where I work and check if they already have my card. I presented one government ID which is SSS and they searched for it. And it was there! I was thrilled tbh. The representative who assisted me gave me a form and asked to fill out the boxes with my Account number, E-prepaid number, etc. I handed her my 350.00PHP and I'm done. Easy peasy!

my BPI EPrepaid Card


As of this writing, I am not sure If they have already fixed the link on their FB Account but you guys can use this FORM, same form that I used when I applied for my card.

You will be getting the form below. Just select the color of your card and start to fill out the form at the bottom part.

NOTE:  Branch locator button/option  is not working also. But you can check HERE instead to see the nearest BPI branch where you can pick up your card. Just enter the branch name and code manually and hit Submit.

Eprepaid card application form

Sorry if this is not clear. Screen shots are from my phone.
You will be getting a confirmation page like this after submitting the form.

BPI E-Prepaid Card Confirmation Form

And that's it! Wait for 5 days and go to your nominated branch and check your new E-Prepaid card. Just don't forget to bring any government ID and 350.00 PHP.

I haven't tried loading my card yet as it hasn't been added on my BPI online account. I read somewhere that you need to present your application form to BPI first to have your E-Prepaid card added on your account. Like srsly?  But I will update you as soon as I have added mine.


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