The Sunday Currently // 03

Sunday, 2 October 2016
The Sunday Currently

Hello everyone! It's Sunday again and it calls for TSC!! Yayy. How are you? My weekend is such a loser, I just slept the whole Saturday! I have sooo many agenda for that day that didn't happen because of my freaking headache. Ugh. So as usual, I promised to myself to be productive this day BUT i am not satisfied. Lol. I can say that I only accomplished 50% of my task. Uh. #LazyWeekendItIs

E A T I N G Martys Chicharon (Plain and Salted). I am so inlove with this and to tell you guys, this is the main reason why my brackets keep on breaking. Ha ha ha, I just can't stop and resist the taste of it. One of my fave!

sooo full. Yosh and I went to the nearby mall to have our dinner. We really can't decide what to eat and then we end up having unli-rice at Mang Inasal. This is soooo ridiculous!  Imagine, I have managed not to eat rice for a week and then in just a couple of minutes, I gave in and ate 1 1/2 rice. I am regretting this and I am not gonna do it again.

for graham cake of Lou or maybe anything sweet. After eating chicken and rice, I just need some sweet right now.

M O V I N G all of my pictures from my G7x to my phone for editing and hopefully I can upload them as well.

T H I N K I N G of having my hair fixed. I cut my hair few weeks ago and as usual I didn't like the result 'cause it made my hair thick. I think my hair is long enough now to have it fixed and maybe get a new hair color? Hmm.

S O R T I N G my clothes that needs to be washed a.k.a my unaccomplished task. Too bad, the Laundry shop across our street is closed during Sunday so I need to get it done and delivered it to them tomorrow morning.

So I think, that's the summary of my Sunday. How about you guys?

PS: I am now back on Twitter, tweet me @mnksrr!


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