Ever Bilena Advance Eyebrow Kit: Review

Saturday, 26 November 2016
Ever Bilena Advance Eyebrow Kit Review

I got a new eyebrow powder/palette from Ever Bilena, yayy!  This is the first eyebrow palette that I will be using aside from IN2IT which I considered as HG for my brows.

So here's the story; I went to Watson to buy some stuff (blotting paper, tissues, facial wash, etc) and then I came across to the make-up section. My plan is to just windowshop and check for new products but then again I saw this palette from EB stall. Then I realized that I already  finished the lightest shade on the IN2IT palette; I checked the price and kinda amazed that it's only PHP 200.00. Without further thinking, I purchased one; I'm such an impulsive buyer. :(


Unboxing the Eyebrow kit from Ever Bilena

Front design of the kit

Back of the eyebrow kit


Three brow powder and a wax

The tweezer and the angled brush


Swatches of the eyebrow powders
(L-R) Brown, Grayish/Black and Dark Brown

• Packaging. It's compact and sturdy.
• Affordable. For only PHP 200.00, you will be getting three brow powders, one wax and additional tools (a tweezer and a brush).
• I like the angled brush that comes in the package, it's thin and perfect to line your brows and to fill it in.
• Big mirror; perfect for retouching!

• No other shades available; I wish they have more lighter shades.
• Not waterproof. A big boo boo for me as the color transfers once I oil up. :(

WILL I RE-PURCHASE? No, I just think that this product doesn't suite for my super oily skin/eyebrows. But I will keep this palette 'cause I can still use it, especially the brush and tweezer.

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes, this is a great product for those who don't have an oily skin/eyebrows and it's really affordable.

Have you already tried this product? Share me your thoughts!


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