Friday's 10 Happy Things // 02

Saturday, 12 November 2016
Fridays 10 Happy Things

It's been a while since the last time I did this!  So again, the Founder made this for us to list down 10 things that made us smile this week and for us to start the weekend on a more positive note.

Here are my 10 happy things:

1. New look for The Wonderless. I am still giggling whenever I am seeing the new look of my online diary.  I am so thankful to Kate, the creator of the theme, for answering all of my questions to customize my page. ♥

2. I finally used my BPI my E-Prepaid card! I used it to purchase my theme on Etsy and the transaction went soooo smoothly. I haven't added my E-Prepaid card on my BPI Online account yet but I found out that you can also reload your card through BPI ATM Machines. Hassle-free!

3. The Echo Maker. Oh, I am finally hooked to this book. I've been reading this for the past few weeks and I can tell that the story is very unique and I should say intriguing. Oops!

The Echo Maker by Richard Powers

4. Eyeglasses no more. Something happened last Monday and made my left eye swollen. Idk what happened but the nurses at our Clinic told me that it might be conjunctivitis and I was like "No fcking way!." I am 100% sure that it's not because I am not feeling any itch; for some reasons it's just swollen, watery and I am feeling a little discomfort whenever I am blinking. I've been wearing contact for the longest time and if my eye is  JUST irritated then this is the first time that it made my eye swollen. Weird, I know. But it was finally over; my left eye is now okay and I can now wear my lens again.

5. Hello Marshmallow! I finally updated my phone (Asus Zenfone Selfie) to Android 6.0. This update removes some application that I don't really use like Dr Safety, Omlet Chat, Puffin Browser, etc. The only disadvantage is the option to move an app to Micro SD. But it's fine, I don't really mind saving my apps on the internal memory.

Marshmallow update for Asus Zenfone Selfie

6. The Vampire Diaries Season 8. I've been watching the episodes through Youtube 'cause the reception in our house is acting up again. #TeamBonenzo

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 03

7. Vlogs. I've tried watching vlogs for the past few days and so far, I am enjoying it. Some of my fave vloggers as of the moment are  Say Tioco, Anne Clutz, Anna Cay and Simply Rhaze.

8. Mothership album by Dance Gavin Dance. I used to hate Tilian Pearson because I think his voice doesn't suit to DGD's genre. But  I completely fell in love with his voice after listening to their previous album, Acceptance Speech and Instant Gratification.  His voice really compliments John's unclean vocals; I just love their combination.

9. Free chocolate, pen and 1-hr OT. Rewards for attending Cascade a.k.a Team Meeting. It was supposed to be an hour meeting only but it lasted for 1 and a half hours! #1by18

Cadbury chocolates and pen as reward for attending Cascade

10. My leaves got approved! That means I have 4-days off; time for short vacay. Yass!

How was your week guys?


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