The Sunday Currently // 04

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Is it Sunday already? I wish there's one or two more days between Saturday and Sunday. :( Oh well, here's my 4th installment of TSC.

F E E L I N G full! We just had our dinner at Mang Inasal. Nope, I didn't order the unli-rice, no no; I just had palabok and halo-halo while Yosh had 4 freakin' rice. What a tummy!

D O I N G my nails. I can't think of what color should I use for this week.

to Terror Jr. I just found them on my Youtube feed and tried listening to "Come First" and it's actually good. I also like the "3 Strikes" a.k.a the soundtrack of Kylie Jenner's Gloss commercial.

L I S T I N G down my grocery list. We went to Vista Mall awhile ago but I forgot that I need to buy some stuff. Meh.

T H I N K I N G of a good gift that I can give to my friends/relative and a reward for myself this Christmas. One more week and it's already December, yayy. Time flies soooo fast!

C R A V I N G for pizzzzaaaaa!!! I just saw a pizza post on Facebook and I srsly, even if I am full right know I can eat two or more slices. Pizza puhleaaase!  :(

F I X I N G my clothes and my other things while waiting for my toenails to dry. Feeling masipag lang? Lol

There you have it! How's your Sunday?


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