Weekends Eat: Clash of Burgers Pasig Branch

Sunday, 6 November 2016
Clash of Burgers Pasig

Me and my boyfriend are a huge fan of burger; we're always on the hunt for the juiciest and tastiest burger in town and for us, Burger is life! Lol. My boyfriend, Yosh once showed me a Facebook page of a Burger joint who serves large burger (read: an 8 inch burger) in Pasig. I got curious because the  prices of their burgers are so affordable and they also have Set menus.

Yosh and I decided to go visit them after my appointment to my dentist. The place is not that hard to find; it's the long queue and waiting time that will make you irritated a little (if you're really really hungry, hehe). We reached their area past 5:00 PM, the room was packed and there's 3 or 4 groups that's waiting outside. We immediately approached the one who's in charged for the "Waiting Area" for them to list my name. My tummy is already screaming for burger when they called my name and asked us to finally go inside and make our order. That's almost an hour of waiting!

Inferno Tower of Clash of Burgers

We decided to try their Set Menu, Inferno Tower which costs PHP 479.00. The waiting for our food is not as long as we waited outside, maybe around 10 to 15 mins or so? Funny thing, the lady who took my order didn't ask me if we want Elixir Lemonade or Rage Red Tea; they served us this orange juice from what I see which turns to be the Elixir Lemonade!

Inferno Tower is 8 inch burger (large buns, patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, I think it has onions too and BBQ sauce), 6 pcs of Dragon Wings, Golden fries OR Nachos and Elixir Lemonade OR Rage Red Tea pitcher. Too bad their nachos was not available at that time so we have no choice but to get their Gold Fries instead.

Burger patty  TLO and BBQ sauce

The burger was actually good and the patty is thick enough and flavorful. The only thing that I didn't like is BBQ sauce; I don't really like BBQ sauce for burgers, I'd prefer Cheese sauce instead. Yosh managed to finished 3 slices of burger. I was able to eat just two because of the sauce; it made my head hurt a little. I just don't know why.

COB Gold Fries and Dragon Wings

What we enjoyed is their Golden Fries which is Chili fries. Crunchy and tasty; WIIIIN! Yosh liked the wings too but for me it was like okay lang.  If you're gonna check the Dragon Wings on their menu below, you'll see you have the option for BBQ or buffalo. But lady who took my order didn't ask and they served us buttered flavoured wings! The wings that we had didn't taste like BBQ or Buffalo. I. Just. Cant.

As for Elixir Lemonade, again, I was like okay lang. Had I known that the drinks in their Set menu are so-so, I would've ordered their Milkshakes instead. I find them cute inside the mason jar with some sweets on its side. Take note, their milkshakes cost PHP 79.00 only!

Aside from their Set menu, Clash of Burgers (COB) also serves normal-size burgers at very affordable price. They also have pasta, peka tenders and ribs. Below are their complete Menu.

Full Menu of COB

COB Pasig is located at 21 Dr Pilapil, Kapasigan Pasig City. Their second floor is now open and they can now accomodate more customers! You might also want to check their FB page HERE.



  1. I'm craving for burgers and fries right now. Hahaha.


    1. Burger and fries are lyf! Lol

      Thank you for checking my page, Kai! ♥