Monday, 27 February 2017
Lights and Coffee

Hello loves! After two months of hiatus, I am finally back!

December is probably the busiest month for me, read: Holiday season.  I went on hiatus as well on my social medias esp Instagram; I just realized that I need some time for myself and to enjoy the season and vacation. Now January came and I'm still MIA, as I am struggling; struggling to get my body back. LOL! But srsly, I am kinda depressed after the Holiday season and after vacation 'cause I gained sooo much weight! Most of my clothes no longer fits me. *creyz*

But I didn't let depression to take over me. I've moved on and start getting healthy again. I cut out rice and sodas for real, I added veggies and fruits on my diet. My friends are  like "Monique, is that really you?" LOL. But I feel better now, I am starting  to exercise as well (basics not the hardcore exercises, IYKWIM)

Other factors of my absence are the tools that I am using for blogging, I've shared this a lot that my computer has died and have not able to bring it to somewhere to get it fixed up until now. My phone, Asus Zenfone Selfie, is also acting up after updating it to Marshmallow, I just didn't know what happened.

So what made me realize to go back here in Blogger? It's simple, I just missed writing. I realize that I have so much in my head and I need to let them out. So I am here again, trying to start again. And with that I decided to get a new domain for a fresh start.

So hello again, loves,  my name is Monique and welcome to Lights & Coffee, formerly known as The Wonderless.

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