Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow Review

Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow Review

As promise, I am separating my review of this product to my post related to Baking. So yes, Baking is the new trend today and this technique has changed my make-up game! I've been doing this every single day for my work "make-up" as this makes my face oil-free for 5 straight hours! Like A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

As seen on my last post, I've been doing this using my Essence Matt Me! Mattifying Powder 'cause I don't have any loose powder that time. So after a week or so, I discovered Nichido Final Powder from the internet and so far this is the most affordable loose powder in the market.  I've been seeing this powder long time ago but I don't have any idea that it can be used for baking! Local beauty gurus and make-up enthusiast are raving this product and even saying that it is a dupe of Laura Mercier. I was kinda intrigue that's why I decided to go to the nearest Watson branch and purchase one.

I don't know how many shades are there but I got the shade Creamy Glow. And guys, it's only PHP 150.00!

Packaging of Nichido Final Powder

Creamy Glow shade

Nichido Final Powder Ingredients

So this is how the packaging looks like, it's inside this round carton and the tub contains 25g of the product. The ingredients are: Talc, kaolin, Magnesium Carbonate, Zinc Stearate, Bismuth, Oxychloride, Mica, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Perfume, May Contain: +/- CI 774282, CI 77491, CI 77489, CI 12085

Nichido says:
Picture-perfect skin in any light, highlight you in soft sheer. Flawless effect that keeps natural glow. With this final touch, it evens skintone and disguising imperfection.

Now for the swatch!

Swatch of Nichido Creamy Glow

The powder is finely milled and it can be easily blended by a brush or the puff that comes with it. I just realize that it has a peachy undertone and not yellow; I should've got Ivory Glow instead.


After applying my BB Cream, I apply this powder onto my whole face (yes, 'cause I am extremely oily  and bake it while I am doing my face. After 30 mins or so, I am sweeping the excess off of my face and stare for the flawless finish it created, LOL. And btw, peachy undertone didn't make my face dark or something, it is just right though I still wanted the Ivory Glow with yellow undertone to brighten up my face.

My travel time to work takes an hour or so and this powder didn't melt off of my face. It's still intact and oil free, YAS! Using this powder my face oils up after 3-4 hrs and I really need to blot by that time. I used tissue once 'cause I forgot my blotting sheets and oh man, this powder transfers a lot! It leaves orange-y patches onto the tissue. :( I notice also that I oil up faster without retouching using this powder. At the end of the day I am using 4 blotting sheets max unlike using Essence Matt Me! Mattifying Powder that will only give me 2 blotting sheets.

• It becomes cake-y once I oil up esp the side of my nose and laugh line. Not sure if I applied too much on that area or baked it for too long.
• It transfers a when you started to oil up.
• Creamy glow has peachy undertone, not yellow.

• Super affordable! For only PHP 150.00, you'll get 25g of the product and this will lasts for months! I bought mine on December and up until now, I still have like 1/4 of the product.
• Available on every beauty kiosk/bar or Watson branches.

Have you already tried this Final Powder? Share me your thoughts!

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Peel-Off Mask (Oil Control & Detoxify) by Beauty Fix Review

Thursday, 23 March 2017
Peel-Off Mask by Beauty Fix Review

White heads? Don't you just hate them?  I just realized that I have tons when I look at my face in the mirror really really close. With my schedule of work, I really can't afford to visit a salon to have facial. Then my brain suddenly shouts for NOSE PACK/PEEL OFF MASK! These are soooo easy to find, online or local store they have them!

Since I've been wanting to eliminate them right away, I decided to purchase one at Watson instead of buying from online stores. Watson have lots of variants, I decided to get Beauty Fix Peel-Off Mask (Oil Control & Detoxify).  This product is available in two variants: Whitening and Pore Minimizer (comes in pink sachet and with creamy white consistency) and Oil Control and Detoxify (White sachet with creamy black/charcoal consistency). I decided to get the one  in sachet to try it first and this is for only PHP 22.00.


Peel Off Mask Sachet

So this is how the packaging looks like. It contains 10g of the product.

Peel Off Mask Ingredients

Beauty Fix says:
Beauty Fix Peel-Off Mask controls oil and detoxifies skin, removing dead skin, clearing up deep-seated dirt and other impurities. Loaded up with vitamins and active ingredients that will restore the elasticity of skin and combats acne leaving skin glowing and healthy. Suitable for all types of skin.

Water, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Pectin, Glycoproteins, Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins, Apple Extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Titanim Dioxide, Bisabolol, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Charcoal Powder, DMDM Hydantoin, Parfum


Mask on Face

Prior to applying this mask, I washed my face the normal way. I didn't use warm water as per the instruction because we don't have warm water. Hehe. Well, the main reason of using warm water to wash your face is to open up your pores for your face to fully absorb the products. So going back, after washing my face, I pat dry my face with my towel and start applying the mask.

Cream Consistency
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So this is how the product looks like. It's creamy and kinda sticky. At first I smell something from this product, I really can't describe it but it's kinda strong. After a few coat, the smell has diminished. This peel-off mask is for the whole face but I only apply it on my nose and cheek area; the area where I have lots of white heads.

This product has cooling effects and after 20 to 30 mins or so, the product is already dry and ready to be peeled off. The feeling is really weird as your face feels tighten, you cannot speak or maybe laugh that easily. I started peeling off from the bottom part to top. I had hard time peeling off the mask on the area below my eyes as it hurts a little. Other than that, it went smoothly. The feeling is really nice after removing the mask. My face feels smooth and tight.

DOES IT WORK? Well, see for yourself. Scroll below, if you don't want to see it then close your eyes. LOL.

Whiteheads on Peel Off Mask

Whiteheads on Peel Off Mask

Whiteheads on Peel Off Mask

• Affordable and available in Watson
• It really works when it comes to removing white heads
• Comes in sachet and tube

• It can be messy to apply. If you're a travel junkie you might want to purchase the one in tube instead of the one in sachet
• Not sure if it really controls oil

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? A big YES! This is very affordable and it really works!

Have you already tried this product? Share me your thoughts!

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The Day When I Learn How to Bake..

Sunday, 12 March 2017
Lights and Coffee face. Lol

This post was supposed to go up last December but then I decided to go on hiatus. :(

Sooo going back, this is not something about cakes, muffins and cupcakes, okay? I am actually talking about a make-up technique which is called Baking which I bet you already know. But for those who are curious and have no idea about this technique, please read below.

It’s essentially a technique to highlight areas of the face and amplify the coverage and lasting ability of makeup. It works by applying a thick layer of setting or highlighting power to the areas you want to accentuate and letting it ‘bake’ onto the skin for five to ten minutes. -  Clint Dowdell, brand ambassador and in-house makeup director for Nude By Nature.

I've been seeing this a lot on Youtube being used by Beauty gurus to set their under eye makeup/concealer to prevent creases. I thought I will not be needing this 'cause I am the type of girl who don't use concealer, and no.. My face isn't clear from any blemishes and redness but I just don't use concealer. Foundation or BB cream is enough.

So going back, I really have no interest of joining the hype of baking until I saw Anne Clutz' Hulasproof Foundation Routine on Youtube, by the way, she has an oily skin too. So I was able to apply this trick on my face first week of December and the result is so unbelievable. At first, I thought it was the moisturizer that I recently bought that's making my face oil-free for 5 straight hour but it's not; it's the baking technique that's doing its miracle.

Clean and Clear Moisturizer

After washing my face, I apply generous amount of moisturizer on my face. I've been using Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer for quite some time now but it's out of stock when I visited Watson last Friday so I grabbed Clean & Clear ® Essentials Moisturiser instead. I let this set for 1-2 mins before I apply the next product.

Elf BB Cream and Essence Matt Mattifying Powder
I am so in love with this Mattifying powder; see I alreay hit the pan! ;)

Second is my ELF BB Cream; this one is lightweight and has SPF 20. After this, I start baking my face using Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder by pressing/tapping the product onto my whole face, yes, whole face 'cause my face is extremely oily. Imagine me looking like an espasol. Lol. I purchased Nichido Final Powder (Creamy Glow) last week of December and it works too! However the effect is quite different  than using Essence All About Matt! Fixing Powder. I'll put it into a separate post. *winks*

I let my face "bake" for like 30-45 mins, or actually it depends. While baking, I do my brows, lips, blow dry/straighten or curl my hair and choose my outfit. By the time I finished all of that, most of the powder that I applied has been already absorbed by my face.

Now the effect? Flawless finish and it literally stays on my face all day! My face still oils up after 4-5 hrs but I just need to blot and my face still looks okay without re-touching. And guys, would you believe that I'm only using 2 blotting sheets using this technique vs my old routine that would consume 7-8 sheets? I only blot during my lunch time and then before going home. Like WOW.

• If you have an oily skin then Baking is the technique for you to keep excess oil at bay.
• You really need to choose a good setting powder/translucent powder as some powder might give you cake-y finish.

Have you already tried baking? Share me your thoughts!


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