Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow Review

Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow Review

As promise, I am separating my review of this product to my post related to Baking. So yes, Baking is the new trend today and this technique has changed my make-up game! I've been doing this every single day for my work "make-up" as this makes my face oil-free for 5 straight hours! Like A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

As seen on my last post, I've been doing this using my Essence Matt Me! Mattifying Powder 'cause I don't have any loose powder that time. So after a week or so, I discovered Nichido Final Powder from the internet and so far this is the most affordable loose powder in the market.  I've been seeing this powder long time ago but I don't have any idea that it can be used for baking! Local beauty gurus and make-up enthusiast are raving this product and even saying that it is a dupe of Laura Mercier. I was kinda intrigue that's why I decided to go to the nearest Watson branch and purchase one.

I don't know how many shades are there but I got the shade Creamy Glow. And guys, it's only PHP 150.00!

Packaging of Nichido Final Powder

Creamy Glow shade

Nichido Final Powder Ingredients

So this is how the packaging looks like, it's inside this round carton and the tub contains 25g of the product. The ingredients are: Talc, kaolin, Magnesium Carbonate, Zinc Stearate, Bismuth, Oxychloride, Mica, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Perfume, May Contain: +/- CI 774282, CI 77491, CI 77489, CI 12085

Nichido says:
Picture-perfect skin in any light, highlight you in soft sheer. Flawless effect that keeps natural glow. With this final touch, it evens skintone and disguising imperfection.

Now for the swatch!

Swatch of Nichido Creamy Glow

The powder is finely milled and it can be easily blended by a brush or the puff that comes with it. I just realize that it has a peachy undertone and not yellow; I should've got Ivory Glow instead.


After applying my BB Cream, I apply this powder onto my whole face (yes, 'cause I am extremely oily  and bake it while I am doing my face. After 30 mins or so, I am sweeping the excess off of my face and stare for the flawless finish it created, LOL. And btw, peachy undertone didn't make my face dark or something, it is just right though I still wanted the Ivory Glow with yellow undertone to brighten up my face.

My travel time to work takes an hour or so and this powder didn't melt off of my face. It's still intact and oil free, YAS! Using this powder my face oils up after 3-4 hrs and I really need to blot by that time. I used tissue once 'cause I forgot my blotting sheets and oh man, this powder transfers a lot! It leaves orange-y patches onto the tissue. :( I notice also that I oil up faster without retouching using this powder. At the end of the day I am using 4 blotting sheets max unlike using Essence Matt Me! Mattifying Powder that will only give me 2 blotting sheets.

• It becomes cake-y once I oil up esp the side of my nose and laugh line. Not sure if I applied too much on that area or baked it for too long.
• It transfers a when you started to oil up.
• Creamy glow has peachy undertone, not yellow.

• Super affordable! For only PHP 150.00, you'll get 25g of the product and this will lasts for months! I bought mine on December and up until now, I still have like 1/4 of the product.
• Available on every beauty kiosk/bar or Watson branches.

Have you already tried this Final Powder? Share me your thoughts!


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