Daiso Japan Winmax Gel Look Top Coat Review

Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Daiso Gel Look Top Coat

Hello loves, I am back with a new review and this is for Winmax Gel Look Top Coat from Daiso Japan. I love going to Daiso to look for affordable and cute stuff, imagine for as low as PHP 88.00? What a steal! So going back, while I am checking if my fave eyebrow pencil is already available, I saw the bay of nail polishes. At the top part, I saw rows of top coats, from Super Glossy, to Matte and to Gel Look top coats, they have them! The Gel Look Top Coat caught my eyes and I immediately thought of purchasing it since I don't have one. Since the eyebrow pencil is out-of-stock (AS ALWAYS!), I decided to purchase this top coat instead.


Gel Look Top Coat Packaging
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Bottle of Daiso Gel Look Top Coat

So this is how the packaging looks like. It's inside a carton and it comes in a clear bottle with orange cap. The wordings are in Chinese but there's a little English translation at the back of the carton. It has clear sticker as well with the name of the product.

The applicator brush is surprisingly good; it's soft and flat,  you will be able to apply the top coat easily. The smell is like the normal nail polishes.


After applying my nail polish and wait for it to dry, I applied the Gel Look Top coat. The first coat is just okay; nothing extra-ordinary for me. I also noticed that it didn’t help preventing my nails for chipping. :(

Here’s the comparison, taken around 1:00 AM with flash of course  ;)

Nails without Gel Look Top Coat With Flash
Without Topcoat

Nails with Gel Look Top Coat with Flash
After applying Topcoat
Here's my nails under natural lightning (the morning after I applied the topcoat)

Nails without Gel Look Top Coat Natural Lightning
Without Topcoat

Nails with Gel Look Top Coat Natural Lightning
With topcoat

The shine has lessen day by day and it looks like nothing has been applied on my nails after a week.

The second time I used it, I applied generous amount on each nail only to see if it will make difference than my first use BUT I realize that it creates bubble if I use it like this. :( To be honest, I have high hopes  with this product and thought of having gel type looking nails by I was wrong and was disappointed. The consistency is like a regular nail polish not thick as it supposed to be. The ending result is just so-so; not that extra-ordinary.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT? No. I think PHP 88.00 is too much for this product to think that it will only give so-so effect. MEH.

Have you already tried this product? Share me your thought!

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